Medical Student Co-Directors

Empowering Tomorrow’s Health Care Providers

First year medical students from the UC Davis School of Medicine and Nurse Practitioner/Physicians Assistant students from the UC Davis Betty Irene Moore School of Nursing play an integral role as providers in patient care. Shifa serves as an opportunity for these future health care providers not only as hands-on clinical experience, but also an opportunity to learn the skills necessary to manage sociocultural and religious issues within clinical encounters. Our medical students (Shifa Clinic Co-Directors) truly embody the ideals of excellence, dedication, and caring that we all strive for at Shifa. They are tomorrow’s health care providers, and today’s advocates for social change and health equity.

Medical Co-Directors

Shaila Bonanno – Admin Co-D

Prio Hossain –  Admin Co-D

Tanvi Ghonasgi – Admin Co-D

Jasmeen Visla – Admin Co-D

Jennifer Ramos – Health Education Co-D

Navneet Dhillon – Interclinic Co-D

Muhtada Kamal Aldin – Outreach Co-D

Cristina Monterroza – Outreach Co-D

Tanya Selvam – Specialty Clinics Co-D

Roopa Mukund – Preceptor Co-D

Arram Noshirvan- Quality Assurance Co-D

Noura Aman – Officer

Shelly Shunju Hsieh- Officer