Shifa Clinic Philosophy

A comprehensive medical encounter at Shifa Community Clinic is focused on: spiritual, socio cultural, and language - specific medical care for every individual irrespective of race, ethnicity, religion, and gender.


  • To deliver high quality and free multilingual, multicultural healthcare
  • To integrate socially and medically disenfranchised communities into the mainstream healthcare system
  • To make our clinic an invaluable cultural experience for our health care providers, and, in turn, enhance the patient experience and improve the quality of care
  • To foster meaningful and engaging mentorship between undergraduate scholars and working professionals in order to help them achieve their academic and career goals

Core Value

Hast thou not considered how God sets forth a parable? A good word is as a good tree: Its roots firm and its branches in the sky. It brings forth fruit in every season, by the Leave of its Lord. God sets forth parables for mankind, that haply they may remember. And the parable of a bad word is a bad tree: up-rooted from the face of the earth; it has no stability. [Qur’an 14: 24-27]


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Primary Care Patient Demographics

Kirk Rahe

Shifa Patient

“I have been coming to Shifa Clinic since 2013. My experience has been great and I’ve never met a group of people more caring than the people involved here. I love being a part of the learning process because the students here are so kind, patient, and respectful. They always want to listen and answer all my questions. The doctors who have seen me truly cared for my health and motivated me to get better. I will never forget one Shifa doctor who helped me quit smoking because before him I never thought I would have the strength to be able to.”

Real people with life-changing results

Nader Faraj

Shifa Patient

“I am very thankful for the founders of Shifa and everyone who is involved in its efforts. The people here are really concerned for the well-being of our health and show genuine care for the patients.”