The intersection between healthcare and legal aid

Legal Clinic

Who We Are

Shifa’s Legal Clinic serves as the intersection between healthcare and legal aid. It provides our patient population the opportunity to address their legal concerns or questions in consultation with a lawyer, pro bono.

Our subcommittee members also work together to curate valuable resources for our patients, including pamphlets, resources guides/spreadsheets, and flowcharts. A comprehensive list of all our subcommittee’s past projects is listed below.

Shifa Clinic has two separate Legal Clinics: one pertaining to civil law concerns and the second for any immigration concerns our patients may have.

Civil Legal concerns include: Applying for Health Insurance (ex. Medical, Medicare), Applying for Disability, Employer-Employee Relations, Negligence, Property Damage, Bankruptcy, and Writing a Will.

Please keep in mind that regarding family law matters (ex. Divorce, Custody), we can only offer resources and possible next steps you can take.

This Legal Clinic is typically held every 3rd Sunday of the month.

Immigration Legal Concerns include Immigration Status, DACA, and Citizenship. Our Immigration Legal Clinic is typically held every 4th Thursday of every other month or depending on availability.

Our Lawyers

John Tan
Public Interest Attorney
Legal Services of Northern California

Clarisa Reyes-Becerra
Immigration Attorney
California Rural Legal Assistance Foundation